The Black Good Friday Mixup


If you are like me, you might have called today by the wrong name once or twice. Black Friday? Wait, no, I mean Good Friday.

Let’s be honest though; they are both pretty good. Salvation and a new half-off flatscreen? What a deal. In reality though, was not Good Friday itself also black? Was it not dark, twisted, and maniacal?

The day is actually one of the most forgotten Christian “holidays.” Some areas do not even have services on Good Friday because the turnout is so low. On the contrary, Easter is one of the highest days, but would not even exist without Good Friday. If the events of Christ being crucified at Golgotha had never occurred, we would not have an Easter, let alone a Salvation.

On that day, a King was led through the trenches of sin. He walked willingly to His own execution led by His own creations. He experienced levels of pain that are beyond our understanding. It can never be fully shown in a movie or diagram, and it will never be experienced by anyone else.

We often forget that although Jesus was God, He was still fully man. He felt every ounce of the pain we conflicted on Him. He felt the flagellum, or the cattails, whip against his back until it resembled bare meat. He felt his wrists pierced to prevent the nails from ripping through his hands. He felt the spikes drive through his feet while his knees were permanently bent at a 45ยบ angle. He felt his weight push down whenever he raised up for a breath. He felt his shoulders dislocate, following all of his other joints. He felt his heart rate reach almost 220 beats per minute before His blood pressure dropped to 80/50. He felt His body die from asphyxiation, rapid respiration, rapid heart rate, dehydration, excessive sweating, and various cuts and wounds. He felt 100% of this without it ever stopping, and He still found enough time to ask the Father for our forgiveness. He still found enough energy and power to speak for us and to exclaim that it was finished.

The earth trembled. The temple curtain ripped. Black clouds rolled in. That dark, Black Friday, full of sin and hate rolled away when victory came. The Son arises in three days, and because of that, this day is great.

Black Friday is finished. Good Friday is remembered.

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