You’re Not An Ape

APEI watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and one of the scenes really spoke to me. They were face to face and eye to eye. Everything was focused on them, and out came the words,

“You. Are. Not. An. Ape.”

I know that might seem like nothing to you, but have you ever been rejected? Everyone has to some extent, but to what extreme? Imagine if you were this ape. You did some bad things and are stripped of your identity. What are you now? A ghost? Missing link in history? Imaginary friend? Nobody? A monster. That is the only thing left to be. You lose yourself so much that there’s none of you even left. Other people can notice it, sometimes before you do.

You’re always a person though. That’s great, right? Not something you would expect to worry about, but it is nice to know that you can never lose your identity in Christ. God loves losers. Just look at David from the Bible. Here is a man who had rage fits, lust issues, and terrible children. He was a great king that was after God’s own heart. How can a man who killed 40,000 people be given a title like that?

Because of God.

His glory and grace aren’t attached to our failures. We can be successful with messy pasts. We can be leaders with doubts. Because at the end of the day, we can still be forgiven. We can still lay down all of our iniquities and sins at the feet of the Father, and He will still take them away. God won’t leave you there hanging; He’ll be there every time you are ready to come back.

You are not an ape or a monster. You are forgiven.

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