Giving God Our Little

Title Image that says "Giving God Our Little"

We talk about giving God our all, giving God our surplus, or maybe even a percentage. What about giving God our little?

1 Kings 17 tells the story of Elijah and a widow during the time of drought. She’s gathering sticks to prepare what she considers to be her last meal. In the midst of this, Elijah asks her for some bread. The nerve of that guy! The woman thinks about it and considers how it would speed up her death. She tells Elijah this, just in case he didn’t realize the absurdity of his request. The only thing is that it’s not the most absurd thing. Sometimes what seems crazy to us might just be what God needs to perform a miracle. 

Fast forward a bit and this leads to a miracle where the widow uses the last bit of her oil and flour. It should be the very end of her groceries, but instead, the jars of oil and flour never run out until the drought is over. If the widow had stuck with her plan, she would have had her last meal, and that would’ve been it.

Instead, God called her to give up her little– to give her full trust.

It’s crazy to think that when we hit a low, God might ask us for the little bit of time, talent, or resources we have left. God can do a lot more with our little than we could ever do with our lots. This is what it really means when we say God is enough. It means giving God all that we have left and placing our confidence in Him. We like to think we should hold onto whatever we have left. We have to preserve it. Surely God can add to what we have. He can, but we have to remember He’s not topping off everything we have in our life. He is the life. Everything we have or hold onto is in addition to what we have in God.

Consider this week what you might be holding onto. If it’s all you have left, give it to God. He doesn’t need much to help you withstand the drought. Sometimes losing it all and fully relying on Him can really multiply what you were scared to lose.

Give your all but also give your little because He’s enough.


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