Embracing Creative Worship: Reflecting on Bezalel’s Skill and God’s Purpose

TITLE TEXT "The Blood of Creativity"

Reading through the Old Testament can sometimes be a difficult journey. I think back to when we read about the building of the Tabernacle. It was a monumental undertaking, filled with endless directions, measurements, and vibrant colors. I must confess, at times it felt like a never-ending endeavor. However, amidst this sea of information, there was one individual who captured my attention—Bezalel. His story not only showcases God’s unique gifting and equipping of His children but also reminds us of the true purpose behind our creativity.

Bezalel was a man of remarkable skill and craftsmanship, so much so that God Himself set him apart for the task at hand. His expertise was indispensable in the creation of the Tabernacle plans. Reflecting on his story, I couldn’t help but marvel at how God uniquely gifts and equips His children for specific purposes. In the very beginning, we encounter God as the ultimate Creator, fashioning the world with His divine touch. To be more like Him is to tap into our innate creativity. God creates, so shall we.

We often limit creativity to traditional artistic expressions involving paintbrushes, musical instruments, or writing. However, Bezalel’s story teaches us that creativity takes various forms and is not confined to any specific medium. Our individuality shines through the diverse ways in which we express ourselves creatively. Whether it be through dance, cooking, problem-solving, gardening, or any other avenue of creative expression, God can use it all to bring glory to His name.

Yet, as we embrace our creativity, we must never lose sight of its true purpose. It is not about us; it is about the One who created us. Bezalel serves as a poignant reminder of this truth. Although he dedicated his skills and poured his heart into building the Tabernacle, we must not forget that everything he painstakingly crafted was ultimately covered in blood. The beauty, artistry, colors, carvings, and structure were all intended to serve as a dwelling place for sacrifices and offerings.

In the same way, all our endeavors, no matter how impressive or grand they may appear, are devoid of meaning unless they are drenched in the redemptive power of Christ’s blood. Our creativity finds its ultimate purpose and fulfillment when it is offered up to God as an act of worship. When we present our work to Him, surrendering our achievements and talents, they become vessels for His glory to shine through.

As we embark on a new week, let us embrace the call to creativity that God has placed within each of us. Let us explore the depths of our unique gifts and talents, bringing them forth as a fragrant offering unto Him. However, as we delve into our creative pursuits, let us not forget that our ultimate aim is to magnify the name of Jesus. May everything we do, create, or achieve be drenched in the transformative power of His blood, that it may radiate His glory and draw others closer to Him.

So, my friends, let us go forth this week, embracing our creativity, knowing that we are vessels of God’s divine inspiration. Let us create with a heart that seeks to honor Him above all else. In our pursuit of artistic expression, may we never lose sight of the sacrificial love and grace of our Savior. For it is only in Him that our creative endeavors find their true purpose and everlasting significance.

May this week be filled with inspired creativity, dedicated to the glory of God. Remember, it’s not about the medium or the end result but about surrendering our creativity to the One who paints our lives with the blood of Christ.


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