Don’t Do What Makes You Happy

happyI have been seeing a lot of posts lately about “Doing what makes you happy.”

It is a great thought and encouragement, but it is not necessarily true. Without getting into the flaws of the prosperity gospel, we have a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Christians need to stop valuing happiness over holiness.

I’m not saying I don’t do it too. I might even be terrible at it, but the trend seems to be growing.

The truth is that God doesn’t call us to be 24/7 happy. It was Francis Chan that said, “But God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.”

Comfort and happiness coexist in a certain sense. We are not meant to always be comfy, safe, and unafraid to move. Following Jesus is going to put us in demanding, awkward situations. We are going to be irritated and sore. Our backs will hurt, and our hearts will sometimes be heavy. Things will be tough, but it will be okay.

We might think “but God doesn’t want me to be miserable, does He?” No, not exactly, but happiness isn’t permanent or destined either. Misery loves company. Happiness is temporary. And joy comes in the morning. In the fight of life, joy is what you want. We can do what makes us happy, but it won’t last. It’s just another attachment to the physicality of the world. If it fades away, so does our happiness. Joy though? Joy is there in the misery of life. It’s there when things are going great or when things are getting rough.

Happiness is like the surge of ecstasy that makes you feel great whenever you have it. Joy is like the blood pumping through you keeping you alive at all times. (TWEET THIS)

When you are trying to find happiness in life, go and do something you enjoy, but make sure that something comes from a call from God. Happiness is nice, but it doesn’t last. Our joy from the Lord is renewed every morning time and time again. It does not matter if we mess up or if we are in the dumps; it stays.

For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life;
Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

The prospect of the righteous is joy, but the hopes of the wicked come to nothing. Proverbs 10:28



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