Watchmysign was first created to serve as a username for me on social networks. B/W portraitIt was based on my history with sign language, but has slowly evolved into so much more. It always leaves me wondering, what sign am I leaving for other people to watch? What mark am I leaving on this earth? More importantly, can people see me following Jesus by the way I live my day?

My name is Trevor, and I’ve been in Vision 2 Hear for about 10 years and growing. When I was a kid, I was the only one that wanted to grow up to become a preacher. That calling continued with me for many years, and I soon found where I belonged. I started signing Christian music, sometimes speaking, and often traveling with the founder of Vision 2 Hear, George Lockhart

This blog is a recreation of things I have tried in the past and an outlet for me to share any knowledge I receive as I grow in faith.

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  1. Trevor,
    I sense such an anointing in your signing. The Spirit of God really explodes out of you as you worship him with sign. I sense God will take you far to reach many through you. I encourage you to continue making these videos. You may not know it now but I believe someday, these videos will go viral. I believe it is your intimacy and love for the Lord that makes your signing so powerful and communicative to our spirits. I look forward to seeing more of these videos. I’ve been leading worship at a Perspectives: Missions Movement course and I wanted people to break out of just murmuring the words with familiarity. So glad I found your videos. I declare your videos and signing will not only minister to the believers but will touch and transform lives of those who are unreached and still have no access to the Gospel. May you be used to bridge the divides of religion, cuture, and socio-religious identity!!!


  2. Dear Trevor.
    You inspired me. Your passion for Jesus and your actions that point to His glory is so beautiful.
    I feel that you will be used in even more amazing ways by our Lord! I want to take the compliments a step further and continue to pray for you – that you may continue to serve and enjoy Jesus and flood wherever you go with His love.
    I hope you are more encouraged in knowing that there is a sister in Christ somewhere (not very far when you visit Korea, haha) praying for you and supporting your ministry.
    May you receive God’s blessings to the fullest.
    – Sarah.

  3. Sometimes the Lord leaves us speechless and fills us with His Joy! Finding your video on youtube was one of these times! Trevor: I can only agree with all the good comments people have written about your gift and the ability to share your Joy in the Lord in this unique way, thank you so much for sharing this and sharing your Love for Him! The way you spread His Truth and Joy is contagious! May you be blessed in countless ways!

  4. Trevor, you truly have a gift from God! I watched your video Greater and I was absolutely enthralled at how you were able to sign and dance with the rhythm in the song! Keep up the good work, please! You say so much with your hands that just would not be the same with the spoken word. God bless you and bring you success for His name and glory!


  5. Hi Trevor,
    I came across your video for Greater by Mercyme. All I can say is WOW! That song is really GREAT, but when I saw your video, did not realize it could be even better. This song reminds me I am enough for Him and as Angie stated above your passion and love for God shows in your videos. So glad to have found you on youtube, will stay updated through your blog. God Bless you and keep up the awesome work.

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  7. Hi Trevor!

    I first saw “You Loved Me First” on Youtube a couple weeks ago, and so enjoyed it. I could see that your whole heart was in it and feel that this is truly being done for the glory of GOD. Your body language and facial expressions eminate your heart and love for our great GOD.

    My husband and I love your passion, and we share it! My heart yearns to see my three kids with the passion for GOD you have, and to see them grow in such wisdom and stature. Thankfully, as young as they are, they are already passionate about GOD. My little boy asks people, “Do you believe in JESUS?”

    They really like your Sound of Sunshine video. 🙂 The other day on the radio they heard “Keep Making Me”, and my little boy got all excited and asked, “Hey! Is that that boy that does that sign language?” It’s a blessing to me to know that you have made a mark on his little heart as well. Thank you!

    You have such valuable and truly thought-provoking things to share. I loved how you compared packing a car to one’s lifestyle. “What are we sacrificing to carry the baggage we carry?”

    I hope you all come to Richmond some day so that my little ones can meet you.

    Have a blessed day, for “This is the day that the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!” 🙂

    May the LORD crown you with the richest of HIS blessings!

    In HIS Name,


    • Hi Angie!

      Thank you so much for these kind words; it is so great to read these type of messages!
      Because of the type of work I’m in, whether it be the videos or the blogging, it is often hard to actually see the impact you may or may not be making on the people exposed to it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming out and letting me know how God has touched the lives of you and your family.

      I will keep you all in my prayers as your kids grow up to be tremendous stewards of God. Thank you for watching and reading, and I hope to post more soon!

      If you are interested in setting up a concert, feel free to contact 678-SIGNING, and hopefully we can plan for the future. 🙂

      Thank you again for the support, and keep watching, reading, and praising,
      God Bless,

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