Known by Tauren Wells

I finally made a new video! I kept it simple, but check it out here:

Much like the video, the message of the song is simple. God knows us completely, yet He still loves us. A lot of the time, we think these two things are entirely separate. Maybe we feel far from God like He doesn’t know us. Or, perhaps we feel like there’s no way God could even love us. It’s actually neither. In the song I sign, “This or that- NO! Truth and grace!” The reality is that regardless of our relationship with God, He knows us completely and still loves us. That’s the truth and grace of God. It doesn’t matter what we do; He won’t leave us. We may not be able to figure out why God gives us as much as He does, but we can celebrate it.

It’s a simple fact. God knows us and still loves us.



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