Core Value Questions

Photo on 6-13-14 at 9.38 PMI recently found some notes I had taken a few years ago about some of Vision 2 Hear‘s core values. They consisted of revelations and questions that could help apply such things to our lives.

Today, I will reiterate those to you along with some of my own thoughts.

They go as follows:

  • Patience
    • What can I wait on in my life?
    • Who can I wait on?
    • How am I behaving during my trial of patience?
    • Patience is much more than how you act when you are at a red light or waiting for your to go order at Taco Bell. Patience is a virtue of dealing with pain, remorse, trials, waiting, and sometimes just not getting your way. How are you dealing with it?
  • Love
    • Am I showing love to one another?
    • Am I being as nice as possible?
    • Can someone look at me and know that I am a Christian?
    • Love is one of the greatest fruits of the spirit. Because God is love, love is the basis of all of them! We should seek to love everyone. With love comes forgiveness, we must forgive each other and ourselves. Are you loving enough?
  • Leadership
    • What am I leading?
    • Who am I leading?
    • How am I leading?
    • Leadership is everywhere we go. Sometimes it can be unintentional, but it is often sought after purposely. True Christian leadership is the combination of worship and service. You need to be praising God in your life as much as you are helping and serving. You need to be giving your best even when you don’t feel like it. Are you leading in the right direction?
  • Productivity
    • Am I getting the things done that need to be done?
    • Am I willing to do these things?
    • Am I accomplishing anything?
    • When it comes to productivity, we need to be willing, working, and wanting. We have to have the willpower to be productive and to actually work. We also need a life plan. What is your BHAG? A BHAG is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Choose something to work towards that is both possible, practical, and propelling. What are you producing?
  • Strength
    • Am I fighting against sin, distractions, and temptation?
    • Am I fighting with myself?
    • How is my spiritual and mental strength?
    • Strength is usually in association with physical attributes, but, in reality, there are so many other strengths that are important. Are you spiritually strong? Just like your body, you need to exercise your faith. Read your Bible, journal, pray, fast, worship and more to work out your spiritual muscles. It will help in your everyday trials. How much would you be able to lift?
  • Legacy
    • Am I making a difference that people will remember?
    • Am I having a lasting effect on someone?
    • What am I leaving behind?
    • When you press on something hard or  for long enough, it will leave a mark or an indention. It is the same way with Christians on the Earth. Are we making a lasting impact? It is one thing to be famous, but it is another to be remembered. Will the bridges and roads you’re constructing now still last after you stop working on them?

If you want to change the world, you need core values that you must stick to. People do not consistently do that, so if you can do the things that others won’t do, you can do the things that others can’t do. Have goals, values, and questions, but above all of those, hold Christ to your highest priority. He is the core.

What defines you?


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