Bibles on Bibles on Bibles


BIBLES copy 2I am currently working on a long post about my recent trip to Nicaragua, but I wanted to post something as soon as possible! 

We had a great time on our trip, which included plenty of awe-striking moments, God-feeling movements, and beans and rice eating! One of the things we did on our slower day was venture out among our village. We filled our trucks to the brim with supplies and people, and hit the road. We stopped at whatever family we could find to give them a bag of rice and a Spanish Bible. I do not feel entirely selfish, but seeing the joy in these people woke up a new sense in all of us. We take some of these gifts for granted. Rice is not a main meal, nor is it difficult to attain. Riding in the bed of a truck is a fun experience, not a requirement. Bibles are handed out a dime of dozen, and I can’t even begin to list all of the ones I have. We even have them on our phones!

We literally have Bibles

on Bibles

on Bibles

on Bibles.

We have Bibles coming out of our ears, and yet some people want one and still don’t have it. Are we treasuring the Word of God enough?

I remember a time in my life when I highly valued my Bible. It is not that I do not now (I actually read it more now than I did then), but I was OCD about it. Nothing was allowed on top of it. Only specific bookmarks and highlighters were allowed inside of it. It never touched the ground. It was never thrown across the classroom. I held on to that thing like it was the only one in print! It is comical to me to reflect on that time of my life and compare it to the present. Sure, I was respecting and valuing my Bible, but was I genuinely holding it that tight in my heart? Now, my Bible is usually on my phone or stuffed in a backpack. Its pages are fluffed, and its words are written on. It is worn out, just like me! My Bible has a higher value to me personally now. I still dislike a dilapidated book, but it holds more priority to me now. It is a blessing.

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I treating my Bible with respect?

Is it necessary for me, or just another camp requirement?

Is it being put to use?

Does it matter?

If you find yourself with enough Bibles to build a city, I urge you to put them to use. Read them, write in them, study them. It is the Word of God that you hold in the palms of your hands, and yet you are squandering it. Take notes on paper, but make sure those notes are being written across your heart. Do something with them, but please do not waste it. Plenty of people need Bibles, and it cannot be hard to find someone who could truly treasure it. We have Bibles on Bibles on Bibles. Go out in the world and spread them!


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