Warning: Work Ahead

ROADWORKIt seems like almost every time I drive, I come across road work. Actually to be more specific, I come across road work signs. As you know, it is a whole series of signs. First, you see the standard “WARNING Road Work Ahead.” It might even include the price of the fine you will receive because we all know how important that is! After that, you will see “Be Prepared to Stop,” and then “Flagger Ahead.”

All of these signs are supposed to warn you for the road work that is ahead. It is a sign to slow down because people are busy getting things done. The road might be a mess. Dust could be in the air, but it will be a huge improvement if it ever gets done. But have you ever been through roadwork, where you see the signs, but no work? No trucks, no flaggers, no workers. All these signs are pointing to nothing!

Is this not what we do in our lives all the time? God has everything planned out for us. He has signs to point us towards what to do, and where to do it. He even has people placed into our lives to help or connect us. Signs are in place to tell others or set the way. God makes all of the tools available for us to do the work He has planned for our lives. Yet, no work is being done. We saw the sign that said “prepare to stop,” but We were already stopped!

Romans 11:29 says that “the gift and the calling of God are irrevocable.” The signs are permanent, so make sure that what God lays out for you are not there for nothing. Make sure they are there for you to get some work done. If others see the signs, let it be busy and inspirational.
Let it be messy and busy, anything but vacant.

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