Whatever You Grow


When I was younger, I was determined to make my own hot sauce, so my family bought some Tabasco, Habanero, and Jalapeño plants. I watered them every day, and they grew into a successful project. Have you ever tried to grow something? The other day I met a man who swore that he had 9-foot tall tomato plants. The secret to his success was that he would sing to them. I think if I did that it would not have the same effect. There’s a reason I sign!

All this begs to question though, what are you singing to in your life? What are you growing? The things in our life that we pay the most attention to often become the biggest things in our life. Is it courage? worry? love? drama? joy?

These things that we often struggle with are seeds planted in our lives. If we water them, they will grow. If they grow, they will take over our gardens. You do not fertilize your weeds, so why do we focus on the bad things in our lives?

You cut them out. You take the pain and kill it. The ending of 2 Corinthians 10:5 says that we must “take every thought captive to obey Christ.” What we think becomes who we are. Our lives are not dictated by how we have always been, but how we think we are. Our thoughts must be placed on what is above. When we change our thought process, we can change our behavior and the way we act. When we grow the blessings of God, instead of the troubles of our own sin, we can have 9-foot tall gardens. We can live a life so tall that people will want us to stop singing to it.

Whatever you water will grow, and whatever grows will take over your garden. Be careful of the things you grow in your life.

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