The Weight of Waiting Part 1

WAIT1When it comes to waiting, we hate it. Do not act like you don’t because we all know that you do. We have 3G, 4G, one day 5G, ultra fast internet, fast food, instant food, express line, express lane, Google instant, autosave, and autofill. We live to never wait.

We absolutely hate waiting, so when it comes to waiting on God, it gets a little confusing. Through this quick 3 part journey, I am going to discuss what waiting is not, how to wait, and what waiting does. This is the weight of waiting.

Waiting on the Lord is a great thing. I respect that because sometimes it is necessary, but sometimes it is just used as an excuse for us. Did you hear God calling you to eat dinner or watch TV? You probably did not, but you still did those things anyway. There is a difference between waiting and avoiding. We often use “waiting on God” as a reason for us to not propel ourselves into something foreign.

We grow fearful to take risks because we do not want to fail.

This is not what waiting on God is all about. We should never fear failure because failure will always be inevitable. It is in the Bible numerous times with almost every “character.” They all had shortcomings, and many of them spent years waiting on the Lord. A few moved forward and made a huge difference, but some of them were not fruitful until years after their life. Jesus might have not failed because He was perfect, but He did come from a home that many would describe as broken in the beginning.

Fear of failure should never hold you back when you have a God that loves underdogs.

Waiting on the Lord is not meant to hurt and destroy our plans for the future. Waiting on the Lord is meant to give us a reason to not give up. We should respect the Lord and His plans for us, but we should not settle into a stage of unproductivity because of it. Perhaps you have a golden opportunity to serve the Lord. Do not over think it!

“Go out into the world and make disciple of the nations!..”

‘…and stop sitting around and contemplating if I’m calling you to go or not. I want you to go. I am telling you to go. I know you say you’re waiting on God for an answer, but I have the answers. You watching the news all day does not constitute as searching me for the answers. Waiting on me means spending time with me.’

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