19 Things I Have Learned at 19

19HEADERToday is my birthday, so it is time for me to look at the things I have learned. Let’s go.

  1. Completing your goals will require a lot of work, but will always be worth it.
  2. You might feel like your life is at its highest or lowest, but things always change. Don’t let your now define your forever.
  3. You will always be surprised about something. Cherish it.
  4. You have an impact on everyone around you, so you must use it in the wisest way possible.
  5. Life comes with hard decisions, but your choices are not ratified instantly. Wait it out.
  6. Be the person God wants you to be, not the person you think God settles for you to be.
  7. Always take notes on everything. You will learn and remember more from it.
  8. Try to take something away from every experience; you never stop learning.
  9. Read the headlines, but don’t live in them. News is good until it defines your life.
  10. Learn more about people and ask hard questions. When was the last time someone made you think?
  11. Sleep is not for the weak. Get some good rest.
  12. Take a break from technology sometimes. It does wonders for your well-being.
  13. Take pictures and make memories. The world was made to be beautiful.
  14. Love is a universal language that everyone can understand.
  15. Your daily distractions can lead to your difficult defeat.
  16. Having patience means nothing if you are complaining the whole time.
  17. Find ways to make someone’s day. Do for one that you wish to do for many.
  18. Always serve God. Your public and private life should be the same: praise Him continually.
  19. Validation may be nice, but it only matters if it comes from God. Be yourself, but be like Christ.

I start a new page of my life now. It’s like my very own New Year’s. I pray that this next year will be at least half of the soul-searching, heart-wrenching, life-changing, adventurous year that I had as an 18 year old. But for now, I am glad that I know that the ending is only the beginning.

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