The Weight of Waiting Part 2


When it comes to waiting, we hate it. Our entire lives are catered to accessibility and the fastest productivity. How are we supposed to wait?

In the previous post, I spoke about how we should not wait, and how waiting can sometimes cause us to be inactive. Other times in life though, waiting is completely necessary and unavoidable. If we are waiting for something, how should we do it the best way possible?

The thing about waiting is that it does not yield results until later. Because of this, our patience is key. The thing about patience, however, is that it is not about how long we wait or what we wait for. Patience is about how we wait. Do not let your whole trial of waiting be thwarted by a bad attitude or restlessness.

Here’s how you can wait..with patience:

Get over having to wait.

It’s going to happen, and the first step is definitely the most mental. You do not need to be frustrated about not knowing your next step in life. You need to clear your head and wait with a happy heart. Enjoy the time and train yourself to be happy with whatever answer comes your way. Get over not having it instantly

Get ready.

It is so important to prepare for your time of answers. Your period of waiting could possibly just be an exercising trial to get you ready for the results. Use this time to grow closer to God through journaling, reading, and prayer. Start a daily quiet time and spiritually prepare yourself for whatever is coming your way. God might be teaching you something!

Get focused.

Your trial of waiting will have its ups and downs, so you need to keep your mind in line. A proper perspective is absolutely necessary when you consider your future. There’s a time and place for everything, so would you not want the plan for your life to occur at the perfect time? Shift your focus into a more positive thought process and realize that waiting is good for you. God knows what He is doing, and you definitely want to be ready for what’s in store for you.

Get close.

I know I already said that you need to spend more time with God, but I cannot express it enough. Take your time of waiting and simply just praise God because of it. The God of the universe takes time to prepare you and your life. Thank Him for this! Pray and praise Him continually. Even after all that, you need to find a way to still be productive. There are countless service projects that you can do without being tied down for when you get your answers. Go do some work, and make sure you get close to God in every way possible!

How else should you wait?


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