David Wears His Grand King’s Clothes

DavidWe have all heard the story of Goliath, but let me retell it to you first.

So, Goliath has been outside pestering everyone for 40 days now. He keeps trying to get the Israelites to fight him, but they are all too scared. On the other side, we have David who is a pretty tough guy but is actually the bottom of the totem pole in his family. His dad sends him to the base camp to deliver some food, but it is basically a cheese plate. It is a mindless errand, but he overhears Goliath talking and can’t believe his ears. David is stunned as to why the Israelites have dealt with this for forty days. When David’s brother, Eliab, hears him talking, he gets furious. No one can take his spotlight, especially someone holding a plate of meat and cheeses!
David dismisses his brother and turns to Saul to volunteer to fight. Saul scolds him as well and tells him that he is too small for battle. David rebuttals with an impressive resume of bear and lion attacks. Immediately Saul changes his mind and prepares David to wear his armor. 

This is where I think the story changes for some of us. Growing up, I always related to David, just as I think most of us do. However, now that I look at it, this section here is the only part that I can self-identify with him. I’m not the one taking down Goliath; I’m the one trying on Saul’s armor. I just dealt with negativity, but as soon as I overcome it, another wall hits me. I talk my way through it, but it is only the beginning. I am getting prepped for battle and taking on more than I can admit. The armor is all hand-me-downs, and nothing seems to fit.

Can you imagine how goofy David looked? Saul was a big guy, and he was letting David wear his own personal tunic. He decides to take it off, and for good reason. David knows that it will do more harm than good.

Have you ever tried to wear someone else’s attitude, act, or emotion? Maybe you put on a tough face in order to make it through a difficult trial. You were wearing the wrong armor! It doesn’t fit you, and there is no way to battle in such a thing.

When we shed off the bags of our false protection and go out into the world as our true selves, we will find that there is one protection we need. It will always fit. It will always persevere. It will always win.

David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with a sword, spear, and even a javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty”

David knew that his armor was unnecessary to finish the story because he followed a God who was, and is still, mighty.

2 thoughts on “David Wears His Grand King’s Clothes

  1. This is lovely. 🙂 I think I’ll dig around a little bit more on this blog of yours. Your sign language videos brought me here, actually. I was looking for videos to show my ASL club. There’s not as many christian ASL videos floating around as I thought there would be, but yours are quite useful. 🙂 You seem pretty awesome! God is definitely using you. I can see it and I don’t even know you!
    Just curiously, How did you become interested in ASL?

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