20140605-172621-62781743.jpgMy computer charger has stopped working, and I’m on the brink of insanity.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but if you have ever had a charger break, you know my pain. My new one doesn’t come in until Tuesday, and I don’t even know if it will arrive in time!
The mandatory break I’ve been given has enlightened me on unplugging from my computer. As much as I hate it, I probably needed it. Everything I’ve done recently has been productive and ministry related, but perhaps I needed a break? From new Vision 2 Hear blogger, Casey Palicki, we read her thoughts on being distracted by our phones and other media. I can’t express enough the importance of distinguishing between things that are tools or things that are idols.
Although I do not think I was worshiping my computer, I would not be the first person to be tempted by an Apple! 😉20140608-202545-73545383.jpg
During this break, I’ve cleaned my room, relaxed, read, wrote, and looked for more things to do. Perhaps this is my preparation for my technology break during my next mission trip. The Lord gives us rest, and sometimes that rest is unplanned. Can I deal with it?

The Lord knows our tendency to be overran or distracted by work, worries, and stress. Are we giving God enough time? It is our duty to set aside time to be alone with God, to be in tune with Him. We must deliberately protect our time with God to refocus on what He intends for us.
Are you unplugged enough?

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