Letters From Impact


For those who work in ministry, you often know how hard it is to see results, and how easy it can be to grow discouraged. Any internet-based work is especially hard to bear visible fruit. Thankfully, I received a message the other night proving the work God has done through me.

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My First Post

Hi! My name is Trevor, and this is my very first post on wordpress. I have ran many blogs over the years, but this will be a new adventure for me.

A few notes to get you started: senior

  • I am currently 18 years old.
  • I have just graduated high school.
  • I am a member and leader within Vision 2 Hear.
  • I do sign language to Christian music. You can see some here.
  •  I enjoy music, photography, and a few other simple pleasures.

So, why Watchmysign?

Watchmysign was first created to serve as a username for me on social networks. It was based off of my history with sign language, but has slowly evolved into so much more. It always leaves me wondering, what sign am I leaving for other people to watch? What mark am I leaving on this earth? More importantly, can people see me following Jesus by the way I live my day? As Christians, people will always read us, and we need to be giving them something worth reading! We may not be called to have extreme lives and become adrenaline junkies, but we are definitely called to lead a life worthy of Jesus Christ. Watchmysign serves as a reminder to me that I will always be watched, and I need to be careful with what my sign says.

What does your “sign” say about you?