Valentine’s Day

valentinesI am not going to lie; I almost forgot about Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect day to write a post about marriage and dating or sex and love or even Fifty Shades of Grey, but it totally passed me by this year. To me, the most important part of V-Day is the day after when the candy is on sale!

Some of you might feel differently. Maybe it is just a holiday invented for the economy, or maybe it is an esteemed day to celebrate your love. Regardless, the day exists and puts the thought of love on everyone’s mind. Bloggers and pastors usually go into the route of saying that Jesus is our valentine, and it is true. He is the only one we need and the prime example of true love. Some even turn it into a card.


To commemorate this day, I am simply going to share a list of some thoughts I wrote over the past few months about dating, love, and the like.

1. That girl or guy you are seeking can only partner, grow, and assist you, but not complete you. True and whole hearted completion comes only from God Himself. (Click to Tweet)

2. No one can love you more than God already has, does, and will. (Tweet)

3. The world teaches that you need to find “The one” for your life, but the Scripture teaches that you need to be the right one. (Tweet)

4. The truest love of Christ will never die, whither, or fade. (Tweet)

5. A Christian relationship means leading someone to God and not sin. (Tweet)

6. You can’t raise your kids in the best way possible
You can’t be a good friend in the best way possible
You can’t love someone in the best way possible
If God does not take the first place in your heart. (Tweet)

7. Challenge yourself to watch what you say, share, and do. Let it be love to guide your actions. (Tweet)

8. Experiencing God’s love means experiencing that you’ve been unconditionally accepted, approved, and loved. (Tweet)

9. God’s love is like a middle schooler with axe body spray. It not only engulfs you, but also the people around you. (Tweet)

10. As a Christian, you can’t just date anybody because you’re not just anybody. (Tweet)


Could it be that God’s greatest impact in your life will not be in spite of your singleness but BECAUSE of your singleness? —David Platt (Tweet)

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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