Help Me This Summer

DSC_0530I need your help! I know a blog post begging for money is the last thing you want to read, and the second-to-last thing would be the typical pastor’s joke about you not wanting to hear this. I am glad I could get both of them out of the way, but I still need you.

Regardless, I have a lot of funds to raise and little time to do so. Our organization, Vision 2 Hearhas a busy summer schedule that looks like this:

May 30 – June 6 Nicaragua
June 7 – June 13 Honduras
June 14 – June 19 Ringgold, GA with Project One24
June 23 – July 9 Seoul, Korea
July 13 – July 17 George Camp in Havelock, NC
July 21 – August 31 El Salvador and Nicaragua
August 3 – August 7 George Camp in Miami, FL

As you can see, my summer might be packed..if I can raise enough funds. I understand how difficult this can be, so I have set up multiple ways to raise money.


The first is the easiest and most straight forward. You can simply donate directly to my paypal.

front-1The second is this TeeSpring campaign I launched. Here, you can get your very own Vision 2 Hear shirt! Obviously, the more I sell, the more money I raise. The catch though is that I have to sell at least ten before they go into print. If that does not happen, you get to keep your money and it is like it never happened. If it does happen, you get a shirt, and I get a percentage of the money.

society6Society 6 is a website for art and the like. It can be a little pricier, but you can order all sorts of things like art prints, canvases, pillows, shirts, and phone cases. I have just made this with some of the pictures I have taken, so the choices are limited for now. Again, I get a percentage of the purchase.

ebayWe have all heard of eBay, and I happen to have my very own store selling used surf and skate brand apparel. There is always something different on here. I almost did not include this, but since it is something I use for funding, I could not ignore it. Be on the lookout though, we are making plans for Vision 2 Hear to be listed as a non-profit for buyers and sellers on eBay.


Last, but not least, is the common method of gofundme. Thousands upon thousands of people use this to raise funds. Vision 2 Hear’s president, George Lockhart, also has one set up for himself. I will be able to post updates on it, and you can choose to leave a note with your donation or make it anonymous.

Okay, I think I am done now! Again, I cannot thank you all enough for your support in watching my videos and sharing my blogs. Any way you choose to support me, whether it’s by a donation or simply sharing these links, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading, and God bless,


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