I’m Back: Update on Nicaragua

DSC_0113I’m back! If you did not know, I just spent the past two weeks in Central America. and it was every bit of awesome. I spent a week in Nicaragua, rode a bus to El Salvador, and finished the trip up there. Here’s a post to just share a few of the things we did.

In Nicaragua, we experienced heavy rain in the beginning of the trip. We actually had flooding on the roads and had to change our plans for the week. Thankfully, it started to slack off each day, so we could get some work done. As always, we visited the village of Ten Tall, prepared a meal there, performed, and gave out school supplies, toiletries, and candy. They loved every bit of it.

We held a few sign language practices during the week to teach some new songs, but we also led a performance and church service every night. One of the mornings we woke up and visited the closest major city – Chinandega. You might be unaware, but there’s a section of the city called The Triangle of Death. It’s centered around a village of people who live by a major cemetery, a prison, and a trash dump. The people in the village live right next to trash, and most of them spend their time searching it for metals they can turn in for money. It’s a really devastating place that everyone should see and help. Here, we mostly gave out bags of rice and candy.

We also had the opportunity to visit an orphanage, so we wanted to make sure we went to one that does not get a lot of visitors. It was an all girls school, and they had a blast. Our performance was cut short though because the power went out, but it did not stop us from having a good time. We gave out soap, shampoo, hair-bands, and tons more. As we were leaving, they quizzed us on our favorite soccer teams and sang us a song to share their gratitude. It was a unique and humbling experience that I’m glad to have been involved in.

The next biggest thing we did was a dream come true for me. I love adventure and the most extremes (I grew up watching Rocket Power), so it was amazing to finally go VOLCANO SURFING. It was on Cerro Negro in Leone. I did it standing which really meant I did it rolling. A few hard hits, and I became one with the mountain. I would not change anything about that day though because I will never forget the excitement, the view, and the pain.

After that day, the last parts of the trip in Nicaragua were mostly practices and services. We hosted a glow night there that everyone loved. Glow sticks, black-lights, the famous glow talk, sodas, food, movies, and candy were just a few of the main points of the night. Everyone from our team of 6 left the next day, but George and I stayed behind. We passed out supplies to the village after church and left for El Salvador the next day. It was a crazy week for us!

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