Let It Be Love


This year we will look at the meaning behind all of the songs we do. Will you let it be love?

One of the newest songs for our fall season is Let it be Love by Family Force 5. Take some time to really listen and understand the words.

I’ve never seen a soul set free through an argument. I’ve never seen a hurt get healed in a protest. It’s not about the stand we take or the name we make, but the grace we give and the life we live.

There’s the meaning of the whole song!

We have all of these things in our lives that we have wrong. We focus too much on who people see us as. “Will I be popular if I say this or act that way?” We care too much about being right or finding the wrong things. “Will they know that they’re wrong if I share this post or protest this law?” We have our priorities screwed up.

These things that we do would never save a life or speak the name of Christ!

Luke 6:27 says, “But I say this to those who are listening to me: Love. Your. Enemies. Do good to the ones who hate you, and do all this without expecting anything in return.”

Do this because-

Mark 12:31 says, “The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. These are the greatest.”

We so often talk and act without thinking. It is such a blessing that grace and forgiveness can’t run out. If it had, we would have used it all up already. Thankfully, we still get up every morning, and Christ says, “I still have more, still have more.” There is such a life-giving power in the grace of God. Shouldn’t we use that to our benefit? We only have one card to play, and that card should be love. We have no excuse but to spread the love of God to everyone. That is the duty of a Christian. That is the basis of the song. That is the request of God.

This week, and hopefully forever, challenge yourself to watch what you say, share, and do. Let it be love to guide your actions.

Let it be love.

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