Whose Light Is It Anyway?


I had such a busy schedule in Georgia this week. We were hosting about 13 people from Germany, so my blogging time was significantly cut down. I kept bouncing different ideas around, but one finally popped into my head on the floor of a bedroom. It is funny where inspiration hits.

I do not lose things. I may misplace things, or other people will lose them for me, but I never go without finding something. When I was packing, I could not find my portable charger anywhere. If you’re like me, you use your phone for so many things and so often that the battery is weaker than your church’s wifi. I needed this charger, but I could not find it anywhere! I searched and searched, and eventually found a flashlight under a dresser in the room I was staying in. I knew this was the answer to my hunt! I turned it on and a bright gust of light went across the room, but quickly faded away. It was a light without a flash, and I was a guy without my charger. I looked around again, and thought,

whose light is this anyway?

My blog idea instantly clicked after those five words. Over the past few weeks, I have had similar conversations arise around me. I talked to a friend about hearing from God, had to think about my plans for the future, and even heard a sermon about listening to God. All these things just clicked together with a common theme. But just like the show, Whose Line Is It Anyway, I have had to assume different roles. In the last few weeks, I have been a blogger, a mentor, a speaker, a leader, a photographer, a thinker, and was also confused for a German!

All of these different traits popping up had me thinking about which lights we confuse in our life. When I was younger, I did not know the difference between high beams and bright lights. Yes they are the same thing, but now I am faced with the trouble of deciding which plans are mine and which are God’s. All of these doors are opening up, revealing so much light, but whose light is it anyway?

Am I listening to God for the answers?

Thought processes can sometimes cross paths, and George Lockhart just did a post about this very subject! It is funny how things work out sometimes, just to remind us of how we need to listen to God.
The truth is that we might be doing all of this wrong because hearing and listening are two different things. You might be in the middle of some important decisions, but unable to figure out which light is illuminating your path.
“Does God want this for me? Or do I want it enough to think God is calling me to it?”
To answer these questions, you need to actually listen to God.
And turn your own light off for a minute. Stop thinking about what you want or what is ideal. Instead, just remove your distractions and focus on God.

When you are in the dark of your life, there is only one light that can truly illuminate your path.

It’s God.
Decisions are much easier to make when there is only one.
Psalm 46:10 says to be still and know that He is God. So, I urge you that if you are having a tough time in which road to take in life, take a pause. Step back, and turn off your own light and desires. Go unplugged, lose your distractions, and focus on Jesus. If you truly listen to God, you will hear Him.

Whose light is this anyway?
You can find out.

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