Busy in North Carolina

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Over the past week, I’ve had the opportunity to go on a trip to North Carolina. Although the weather was perfect for a vacation, we were packed the whole week with things to do! 

We arrived at our destination at about 4 in the morning, leaving us with only a few hours left to sleep. We woke up in the morning to go to the Korean church to help with their fundraiser. Members of the church are traveling to Peru this summer for a mission trip, so they worked hard to sell hundreds of packed dinners!

During the day, we had lots of technical work to do with websites, blogs, and videos, but in the afternoon, we almost always had a kids baseball game to attend. I am not the biggest fan of the sport, but it was nice to spend time with the Tucker family and test out some sport shots on my newest camera!

Later in the week, we went to the beach to take pictures. We expected a good turnout, but sadly the rain hindered our efforts. We did have some pointless relays though!

That night you might have heard on the news about the Camelopardalids meteor shower. If you have heard about it, you might also be aware of how disappointing it was! I stayed up and went outside, but was unable to see anything noteworthy. It left me with only a few star pictures and a state of exhaustion.

On Saturday, we had sign practice and youth group. Jan and I were in charge of games for the day, so we picked two “Minute to Win It” type games. The first game was called “Junk in the Trunk” which requires you to bounce pingpong balls out of a tissue box that is strapped to your hip. The second game consisted of moving cotton balls from a bowl to a table using only your nose and petroleum jelly. It was a lot of fun to watch and flowed perfectly with our intense sign practice! After that, we had a busy weekend filled with performances and photography sessions and fireworks. In all, we had a great, fun & work-filled week. I just wish I had pictures of it all!

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