Sign Language Video for Let There Be Light

belight“Let There Be Light” by Point of Grace is both a crowd and personal favorite of many V2Hers. It gives us the opportunity to show off some minor choreographed movements that we arranged when we first put the song together. It is also an excellent way to test the ears and minds of our members as they listen for the male and female vocals of the song and remember their corresponding signs. This year, to showcase the song, I took a few members of our Summit WAVE team to put together a little video for it. I met with three of them, ages 13 and 15, to record around their church property. Signing in front of the camera can be weird sometimes, but they handled it well. One of the students actually uploads videos himself, which you can find¬†here.¬†Be on the lookout, though, because this could possibly be the first of many.

Watch the end result below.

The great thing about this song is the parallelism between the creation of light and the birth of the Savior. One was the first thing God made after the heavens and the earth, and the other was planned from the very beginning. When Jesus was born, the star of Bethlehem was shining bright, but the real light was in the manger. Jesus said it Himself:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.39.24 PM

God knew from the very beginning that although His light was good, His Son would be so much better. He is the light of the world that was sent to pierce the darkness. It’s the one reason we celebrate Christmas, and it’s the reason we sign this song.

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