A Quick Note on ThanksGiving

thanksgivingHappy Black Thursday Thanksgiving!

Which one are you most excited for?

Family or Things?
Food or Gadgets?
Thanking or Buying?

I personally love Black Friday shopping, but it feels so contradictory. You spend one day of your whole year to be thankful, and you celebrate that one day of gratitude with two days of shopping. The worst part is that now stores are opening as early as 5pm on Thursday! It takes the fun out of it, and it definitely takes away from the holiday.

What are we to do? There is nothing wrong with shopping. I love a good deal, and it is even better if you are using the day for Christmas gifts. But, which event is taking the higher priority of your life? Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

First, let us look at what Thanksgiving is not:

  • A giant feast for kings
  • Quality time with family members
  • Competitive football games
  • Afternoon reclining chair naps
  • Leftovers for 3 weeks
  • That weird cranberry jelly
  • That amazing, but ugly dessert
  • Awkward small talk
  • Long thankful prayers
  • Short hungry prayers
  • Mountains of turkey

What thanksgiving is:

  • Thanks
  • Giving

It’s honestly that simple. The pilgrims used to observe multiple “thanksgivings” as a way to thank God for helping them in their survival. They were good at giving thanks, and also great at naming holidays. This week, spend your holiday with thanksgiving as your highest priority. Don’t worry about how your house looks to your guests. Don’t fret over the casserole and biscuits. Don’t go frantic over the long lines at the store. Simply, spend every moment in the mood of gratitude. Thank your friends, your family, strangers, and anyone you come in contact with. Hold open doors, talk to people, and exchange smiles. Give out hugs, handshakes, gifts, and cheer. Pray to God with yourself, your family, and anyone who needs it.
Give thanks this week, and don’t get caught up in the drama of “thanksgiving.”

Happy Thanksgiving! Go easy on the turkey, but heavy on the thanks!

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