Why I’m No Longer Saying “It Gets Better”

IMG_3908“It will get better” is a good thing to say, but sometimes the “it” in our lives is not the problem.

Life is hard. It always has been, and it always will be. It’s unfair, and it’s confusing. A lot of people blame God for these problems. Some complain that being a Christian makes life harder. Well, they’re right. Being a Christian is hard. You have more ways to stumble and more things to overcome. If you consider the disciples in the Bible, pretty much all of them were killed for their beliefs. It was a far different world back then than it is now, of course, but with the way the world is changing, no one can predict the future we are heading to. With all of the things on the news, some even fear that the persecution of Christians is on the rise and may become the norm for us. To be honest, that should mean nothing to us. The world is tough, but should we be worried? No! Why would an accepting world denying us be a surprise? It’s been that way before. We shouldn’t be scared because it’s the extreme life of a Christian.

You see, “it gets better” is sometimes false. Of course life can change and make it all better, but sometimes it simply doesn’t. That’s why Christianity is not a definite “it gets better,” but it is a for sure “you get better.” Is that not the better of the two? You may not be able to stop the worst things in your life, but you can stop how you deal with those things. I heard this quote from George Lockhart many years ago in a conference, and it’s stuck with for me a while:

“Thriving is not the absence of trials, but the ability to turn those trials into strengths.”

The same is true for me and you. “It gets better” does not mean it will stay better. But the new you, the you who is the new creation made through Jesus Christ, you can stay better. You can triumph, and you can deal with life the way it is meant to be dealt with. Whether it’s your car not starting, no prayer in schools, not enough money, depression, or anything else, you can beat it because life is tough, but you are tougher. You will get better. 

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