Graduations and Celebrations



Last Friday I was able to attend the Community Christian School in Stockbridge to watch our final WAVE Team members from that school graduate. Six years ago, Laura O’Kelly and Lawson Molony along with Trevor Jenkins (who graduated from Faith Academy two weeks ago) were all part of the WAVE Team at CCS. Our good friend Scott Kirschner helped start the WAVE team at CCS and we have seen some great kids come out of that school over the last couple years who had their ministry start at CCS (Like Markie Love, Matthew Hooten, and John Washburn). It was great to be there and see these students along with others that were part of WAVE at one point of another (I think there were at least 5 others that were part of our group at some point), walk across the stage and get their diploma! Congrats to Laura and Lawson!…

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