Quit While You’re Ahead

I have recently made mention of “quitting while you’re ahead” a few times recently. See, if you know me, you may know that I’m not the most sportsastic person. Over the years, I have played football, soccer, and even paintball, but I was never one to have a baseball or basketball in my hands.

This week has been different for me.

I’ve been in North Carolina since Sunday, and the kids here love playing games. Last night I did two amazing things during these games, but they were both thwarted when I tried to do them again. You can imagine my frustration when I amazed the people around me, but ruined my pedestal when I failed time and time again! It left me wondering, what is the Biblical principle of “quitting while you’re ahead?” At the moment, I had longed to quit early to maintain my clean record, so why did I try again? Was I being greedy or trying to test myself? More importantly, would Jesus want me to quit while I’m ahead in my daily life?

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